Casually Explained: Tipping


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  • MrPhiltri
    MrPhiltri  13 less than a minute back

    Tipping is considered undemocratic in France

    • Abel LLL
      Abel LLL  2 minutes back

      Japanese people dont accept tips, do some research first before making videos plz

      • jio06
        jio06  6 minutes back

        I tip base on service, as a poc i usually get bad to decent service. So i usually dont tip or barely give

        • Devils Advocate
          Devils Advocate  17 minutes back

          Im surprised you didn’t mention pizza delivery. Whenever you order pizza in the US you have to pay taxes and a delivery fee, but you’re explicitly told “the delivery fee is not a tip” so you have to tip on top of that.

          • Ryan Downing
            Ryan Downing  22 minutes back

            The government ain’t pay for it you pay for it🤣🤣🤣

            • Antti The Internet Guy
              Antti The Internet Guy  24 minutes back

              We dont give tips here in finland. Dont know but I suspect its because its illegal. I mean, you need To pay taxes for everything over here So yeah

              • Johnny Cash
                Johnny Cash  24 minutes back

                Lmboo I’m gonna stop tipping from now on 🤙🏼

                • Devils Advocate
                  Devils Advocate  32 minutes back

                  In the US, 15% isn’t even the minimum anymore. In the last few years, a lot of restaurants have added automatic tipping options when you pay with card, and it usually STARTS at 20%.

                  • Zach M
                    Zach M  32 minutes back

                    Tipping seems like a shitty excuse to not pay people a semi decent wage. . . Nowhere else in the world, tho 😂

                    • Frederik Weishaupt
                      Frederik Weishaupt  46 minutes back

                      Once tipped a waitress 40$, and she was unhappy

                      • Frederik Weishaupt
                        Frederik Weishaupt  49 minutes back

                        Not in the northern europe

                        • GroovingPict
                          GroovingPict  54 minutes back

                          Im not sure how to feel about your seemingly deliberate exclusion of Norway in that circle around Europe

                          • Gavin
                            Gavin  1 hours back

                            Universal healthcare is bad lol.

                            • BDF Design
                              BDF Design  1 hours back

                              I have forgotten how to hold a pen altogether.

                              • kelsey mcclain
                                kelsey mcclain  1 hours back

                                All of the people in the comments are full of greed. ); hope you can learn to spread love and generosity <3

                                • Yeoff The Legend
                                  Yeoff The Legend  1 hours back

                                  Literally mr. beast

                                  • not a dog
                                    not a dog  1 hours back

                                    To bad i dont tip.


                                    • Anthony Olmo
                                      Anthony Olmo  1 hours back

                                      Heres some tips

                                      (. )( .)

                                      • Doesnt Matter
                                        Doesnt Matter  2 hours back

                                        Hold up, that video was scientifically inaccurate.

                                        • mr. cat
                                          mr. cat  2 hours back

                                          This sounds like some commie bull shit

                                          • Patrick Henderson
                                            Patrick Henderson  2 hours back

                                            0:25 don’t circle Ireland when saying UK again you cowardly snake

                                            • Tejas Gandhi
                                              Tejas Gandhi  2 hours back

                                              In Ontario, GTA area we pick what we want to tip. You can enter a percentage or amount or skip. I found it really jarring when I went to Montreal and they just auto add the tip to the bill and minimum is 15% on all bills. I feel like tipping is just an excuse for business to scam both their employees and their customers the way it is currently especially in the US but also in Canada. Canada has much less need for mandatory tipping with minimum wage so much higher. It still helps and is good but it isn't needed as much. Whereas in the US it determines whether some employees eat or not.

                                              • Sunnynos !
                                                Sunnynos !  2 hours back

                                                I love so much that his videos sound exactly like when your teacher uploads a youtube video explaining something

                                                • harry tang
                                                  harry tang  2 hours back

                                                  Did you just say Ireland is part of the UK???

                                                  • pie piepie
                                                    pie piepie  2 hours back

                                                    I’ve forgot about this channel and came back after a long time....and now our voice is so different, man (but in a nice way ok)

                                                    • Sebastian Danckert
                                                      Sebastian Danckert  2 hours back

                                                      I mean there are no tipping in Denmark and the rest of the North I believe because we actually get paid decently by providing a service.

                                                      • King David
                                                        King David  2 hours back

                                                        3:53 I'm a math major and I can't do basic arithmetic, but I sure can do matrix algebra tho

                                                        • mainmainia
                                                          mainmainia  2 hours back

                                                          People who don't tip are the same people who have never worked in a job with tips before.

                                                          • Kevin Benoit
                                                            Kevin Benoit  2 hours back

                                                            Can we all agree as a continent to stop tipping people? Servers will be forced to leave and restaurants will be forced to pay them enough to come back.

                                                            • Devils Advocate
                                                              Devils Advocate  29 minutes back

                                                              Kevin Benoit
                                                              But we all know businesses will only make up the difference by charging customers more. God forbid ceos and investors foot the bill.

                                                          • Snuklens0
                                                            Snuklens0  2 hours back

                                                            You do tip in Mexico

                                                            • Ben Wilson
                                                              Ben Wilson  2 hours back

                                                              I think the biggest problem with tipping culture is that it is far too easy for the workers to underreport tip wages. This may be a contributing factor in our poorly designed income tax system. I have heard of bartenders and waitstaff making $20k+ above what they reported annually. This also can open up the food stamp and other assistance structures to fraud by tipped workers if their lower reported income fraudulently qualifies them for those programs.

                                                              • Kevin Benoit
                                                                Kevin Benoit  2 hours back

                                                                The healthcare thing is the most important thing he mentioned in this video.
                                                                *_BERNIE 2020_*

                                                                • Kingブランドン
                                                                  Kingブランドン  2 hours back

                                                                  The act of tipping was invented to underpay workers, so companies would make profit without the expense of paying their workers... I hate America because I don't want an idiot server to contaminate the food I'm paying for because I won't help them break even with a minimal wage on the hour, so all the expense comes out of my pocket to eat out when I'm not home. Tipping should be illegal, & wages should be reinforced. If you're not getting the minimal, then you can sue for your right to making a living~

                                                                  • Cody Mitchell
                                                                    Cody Mitchell  3 hours back

                                                                    i love being a chef because i get to work twice as hard as the servers and get paid half as much and then i get to listen to them complain about *only* making 200 dollars in a 4 hour shift :)

                                                                    • ShakerGER
                                                                      ShakerGER  3 hours back

                                                                      the USA LEGIT seems like a third world country looking from countries liek germany, Sweden or iceland or shit.

                                                                      • FelineHYPER
                                                                        FelineHYPER  3 hours back

                                                                        I don't even eat out anymore, not that I cant afford it but the obligation and guilt-tripping ruins my experience.

                                                                        • AboveAverage
                                                                          AboveAverage  3 hours back

                                                                          As a server, I would rather get paid via tips rather than minimum wage. I average around $20/hour at an outback steakhouse. Menu Items not pricy, I walk out with minimum $100 in my pocket after a 5 hour shift. In America, the idea of this came during the great depression, in order for restaurants to stay open, they stopped paying wait staff and asked customers to leave them a percentage go their check (15% being standard at the time, grew to 20%.). This resulted in restaurants staying in business and wait staff more money. After coming out if the great depression there was an anti-corporate push to try to make servers get hourly instead of tips but there was a huge push from people who were currently working as servers. That is why it is like that in america. Side note- If you go to the same restaurant frequently and tip around 15% every time, thats why you get good service.

                                                                          • Devils Advocate
                                                                            Devils Advocate  23 minutes back

                                                                            But 15% is only relevant on large purchases. If you’re just going out for lunch and your bill is $10, tipping $1.50 is nearly an insult. So you end up tipping far more than 15%.

                                                                        • Sigmund Trutt
                                                                          Sigmund Trutt  3 hours back

                                                                          When you said "rest of Europe" and discretly made sure Norway was not sircled around I was impressed you knew that you don't tip in Norway

                                                                          • dallaskyd
                                                                            dallaskyd  3 hours back

                                                                            I tip 5-7 . I’m broke asf too.

                                                                            • Iiro Vartiainen
                                                                              Iiro Vartiainen  3 hours back

                                                                              Tipping doesnt exist in Finland

                                                                              • Mikko Översti
                                                                                Mikko Översti  3 hours back

                                                                                Finland doesn't have tipping culture at all.

                                                                                • unicockboy
                                                                                  unicockboy  3 hours back

                                                                                  What is that review?!?! Lmao...

                                                                                  • Tom Blakey
                                                                                    Tom Blakey  3 hours back

                                                                                    That low background music is annoying..

                                                                                    • dk black
                                                                                      dk black  3 hours back

                                                                                      I've always tipped well for good service (here in Canada). But I think it's getting out of hand. A while back I was checking the prices of massage therapy to help with some back problems and the rates varied from $95 to $120 per hour. Anyhow, on one website, next to their rates, there was a note that said "Tips are appreciated!" I would never tip my dentist or chiropractor, why on earth would I tip someone who earns more than ten to twelve times what I was making in an hour? (Sorry to rant.)

                                                                                      • Lanzy
                                                                                        Lanzy  4 hours back

                                                                                        The combo of my anxiety and bad math skills gives me a mini heart attack every time I have to calculate the tip.

                                                                                        • 13DatsyukDangle13
                                                                                          13DatsyukDangle13  4 hours back

                                                                                          People who say we need to pay waiters a better wage don't actually give a damn about waiters. Waiters like tipping because they make more money than they would if tipping wasn't a thing. Stop acting like you give a fuck about their wage lol

                                                                                          • Alan Y
                                                                                            Alan Y  4 hours back

                                                                                            My take is here in the US, I'd rather take less than from the government but they tax less out of me. Seems like it's a popular sentiment as any raises in taxes arent able to be passed(which I'm happy about)

                                                                                            That being said, tipping is a social/economic issue and my take is it is what it is(it is the country I live in). I take tip into account the tip when estimating how much going out to eat is going to cost. If I can't afford to eat out without tipping, then I can't afford to eat out. I would just go to pickup or eat in a fast food/self service place.

                                                                                            • mindaugux
                                                                                              mindaugux  4 hours back

                                                                                              America's business men ain't stupid lol, not paying proper wages to their staff, because other regular people will pay them through the tips, that's genius haha