FOOD ART CHALLENGE & How To Make the Best Avengers Pokemon Detective Pikachu Pancake Art


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  • Brylon Mckay
    Brylon Mckay  1 minutes back

    Collins is the grass davon is the lawn mower

    • The Lukenator
      The Lukenator  4 minutes back

      Devan wins all of them

      • Mixer Matthew8567
        Mixer Matthew8567  4 minutes back

        Inner circle

        • Eric Klingensmith
          Eric Klingensmith  5 minutes back

          Keeper squad

          • Lonely Cuber
            Lonely Cuber  6 minutes back

            Inner circle

            • The Double Face
              The Double Face  7 minutes back

              3:15 computer vs human

              • Kambri Trujillo
                Kambri Trujillo  8 minutes back

                i love your vidose

                • Brittany Derham
                  Brittany Derham  8 minutes back


                  • Salome Lozano
                    Salome Lozano  10 minutes back

                    Devan won all

                    • Adeeva Muhammad
                      Adeeva Muhammad  11 minutes back

                      I love your YouTube channel call me

                      • The Royal Family
                        The Royal Family  13 minutes back

                        What happened to all of your weird food combinations and your gummy Vs real food. Like, those videos were so good. They were naturally funny, but these type of videos, it feels like your forcing it to be funny. These videos are good as well but your older ones are better, *in my opinion*.

                        • liz banks
                          liz banks  13 minutes back

                          do you think Devon's lying and do you think Colin is that tomato sauce that got on Devin's new merge

                          • Adeeva Muhammad
                            Adeeva Muhammad  14 minutes back

                            Inner circle

                            • Adham zero
                              Adham zero  16 minutes back

                              Ben 10 pancakes

                              • Tiger Tina
                                Tiger Tina  16 minutes back

                                If you do this again can you do a cat pancake please I really want too see cats that you guys cat pancakes. Thank you?

                                • homewolf 12
                                  homewolf 12  18 minutes back

                                  D vs c
                                  🙎 👦
                                  👕 👕
                                  👖 👖🐕🐕

                                  • Adi Burchardt
                                    Adi Burchardt  19 minutes back

                                    Please do video with Robby!!!! That would be do cool

                                    • Lynda Croome
                                      Lynda Croome  19 minutes back

                                      keyper squad

                                      • Cool Kids Gaming
                                        Cool Kids Gaming  19 minutes back


                                        • Kylyn Dean fwend
                                          Kylyn Dean fwend  23 minutes back

                                          Deven wins every chalange

                                          • jayla Milton
                                            jayla Milton  23 minutes back

                                            A character from Beauty and the Beast

                                            • POO EMOJI
                                              POO EMOJI  27 minutes back

                                              Ba5man pancake art

                                              • somebodey touch me spaget
                                                somebodey touch me spaget  30 minutes back

                                                Keyper squad

                                                • Desirea Hackett
                                                  Desirea Hackett  31 minutes back

                                                  Honestly Devon wins creative Collins wins

                                                  • Unicorn_asmr 123
                                                    Unicorn_asmr 123  36 minutes back

                                                    is it just me or does devon look like spider man from the avengers end game

                                                    • Jeremy Serr
                                                      Jeremy Serr  40 minutes back

                                                      Pizza 81800

                                                      • Till W
                                                        Till W  40 minutes back

                                                        D =Devon
                                                        C =Collins
                                                        D , D , D , C , C
                                                        Keeper squad!

                                                        • pinkice2821
                                                          pinkice2821  41 minutes back

                                                          I did

                                                          • Mairold Mõik
                                                            Mairold Mõik  41 minutes back

                                                            Pls do combo video😄

                                                            • Diamond Fillmore Drawing
                                                              Diamond Fillmore Drawing  41 minutes back

                                                              Where were you guys when I was younger

                                                              • Gabriel DKD
                                                                Gabriel DKD  43 minutes back


                                                                • RamenRespecter
                                                                  RamenRespecter  43 minutes back

                                                                  Lets see how this watermelon taste.. yeah

                                                                  • Jam Naturals
                                                                    Jam Naturals  44 minutes back

                                                                    devan all the way !!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                    • Marek voll
                                                                      Marek voll  45 minutes back

                                                                      The first scene reminded me of sponge Bob!

                                                                      • Get in the game People
                                                                        Get in the game People  45 minutes back

                                                                        1 like = a yt channel for Devan

                                                                        • bella braden
                                                                          bella braden  48 minutes back

                                                                          how about no just no im not subing no one tells me what to do

                                                                          • MICHELLE LEE
                                                                            MICHELLE LEE  48 minutes back

                                                                            Your friend is a really good artist

                                                                            • Till W
                                                                              Till W  49 minutes back

                                                                              Can you do another weird food combinations

                                                                              • Lucy Cordero
                                                                                Lucy Cordero  49 minutes back


                                                                                • Fun Crafting
                                                                                  Fun Crafting  51 minutes back

                                                                                  I liked and subscribed Love you

                                                                                  • Lucy Cordero
                                                                                    Lucy Cordero  52 minutes back


                                                                                    • NitroNinja The_third
                                                                                      NitroNinja The_third  52 minutes back

                                                                                      Devin won

                                                                                      • Sinny Siziz
                                                                                        Sinny Siziz  53 minutes back

                                                                                        Speak only Finnish for 24h

                                                                                        • Dalila Walton
                                                                                          Dalila Walton  53 minutes back

                                                                                          Pizza. Can I kiss davon

                                                                                          • THAT BLENDED FAMILY
                                                                                            THAT BLENDED FAMILY  54 minutes back

                                                                                            Hi Collins, we're a new UK family channel that does challenges, VLOGS and other fun stuff. We have just watched your first ever video and it's amazing to see how much you've progressed in upping the entertainment value. Thank you (and Devan) for inspiring us and so many others. You guys rock! Sula, Tom, Samuel, Luke, Bella, Gigi & Shia x 👊🏻👍🏽

                                                                                            • NitroNinja The_third
                                                                                              NitroNinja The_third  54 minutes back

                                                                                              I like the one with the white hoodie and his art

                                                                                              • NitroNinja The_third
                                                                                                NitroNinja The_third  54 minutes back

                                                                                                I like the one with the white hoodie and his art